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In this diary, I record my life as a transvestite. Perhaps it will help somebody else, who finds their lifestyle doesn't quite match that endorsed by the 'tranny mafia'. Well, I've been there... and survived. The debriefing starts here.

loves: All kinds of stuff that society thinks I shouldn't.

hates: Microsoft. Obviously.


Lynn Jones

It's been a while
9:00 p.m. -- 2020-11-17

Just thought I should do the obligatory Granny Weatherwax: “I aten’t dead,” kind of thing.

In short, life is good. Better than when I wrote all those introspective, angsty posts years ago. Maybe it’s just that lockdown suits me... because I am still an introvert, at heart.

I like working from home!

Maybe we’ll be allowed to do it, from now on, and never have to sit in traffic jams; never have to see that awful airport-cum-shopping-centre that they built in Dubai again. Well... we’ll see.

I’m a bit bummed at the thought of COVID meaning I don’t get to belt out Christmas carols this year. Can you believe how near we are to Christmas? Yikes?

Ah well, time flies when you’re not flying, and another year is almost gone.

Once in a very long while I have been stopping by here. Sometimes it feels a bit awkward to read the words of people who went through... stuff... while I wasn’t here. I’m sorry.

Not promising to be back on any sort of regular basis.

In case this seems like one of those dreadful social media posts where one tends to boast (I hate Facebook) I will say this: I got fat. But on the flipside, I believe I’m finally getting the hang of parenthood. Cause and effect?

Wrote some books; gave up television... learned to bake my own bread.

Nothing terribly interesting. But I aten’t dead.

And I wasn’t kidding about Facebook. Awful.

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